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Falcon Martial Arts has been teaching Martial Arts since 1998. Ran by Chief Instructor Tim Niblett 6th Dan

5 Times World Champion ,European Full Contact Champion

He has experience in dealing with children from 4 years olds through to adulthood, which includes working with those who have specific difficulties, like A.D.H.D and Down syndrome.




his is basically a light kickboxing style where the students are trained to fight in a continuous style either on the mats or in the ring.


There has to be a good element of control shown or the fighter may receive disqualification in competition.


It will suit anyone wnting to get into Full Contact Kickboxing at a later stage or people who just want to push themselves a little more.


A very fluent style and very enjoyable. All sparing classes are overseen by the highest qualified staff who make sure the element of control is always of the escence.




Also known as "Points", "Freestyle" or "Freestyle Kickboxing"

this is a controlled sport where the scoring and impact is of a semi contact nature.


It allows the exponents to train for speed, skill and fitness whilst building tactical and technical fighting skills.


This is a great sport for children or for the adults who do not want to be involved in heavier contact.


The club actively seeks competition and attends events throughout the country and also competes abroad on a regular basis.


Again we have classes for beginners or mixed ability.



Due to the nature  and intensity of MMA, the BFKKO and FFA has decided to directly follow the amateur MMA format with a definite solid structure.

This way we know the system will be delivered with the safest of standards and in one which is recognised nationally.


this system teaches, as it

states a variety of martial arts all

under one roof. With the outlets we

have there is a great opportunity

for people to compete as and

when they choose.


All our instructors are qualified under

bfkko themselves and are also

qualified referees and judges which

means they have the required skill to

deliver such a fantastic discipline.